Creating Awareness For Nature, Wildlife & All Living Systems

About Jungle Jenny

247005_10150191307680812_118482_n1JJ “Jungle Jenny” Michaels is a wildlife explorer & photographer, photojournalist, animal advocate, humanitarian, conservationist, citizen scientist, social & interactive media host and Steward of the Earth who is fascinated yet very concerned with our changing world and the animals struggling to survive in it.

JJ’s curiosity in understanding how human population and increased developmental activities have affected the Earth’s ecosystems & wildlife habitats over the years has led JJ on a “Earth Protector / Restorer” type of mission.

Jungle Jenny is passionate about art, animals, trees, nature, photography, education, kids, social & new media and protecting endangered habitats and species, especially in the rainforest. She is also crazy in love and Mad About Madagascar!  

JJ’s intention is to make a difference on Earth, engage in diverse audiences, inspire others into action, act as a conscious agent of change, serve as a catalyst to impart new ideas, modes of thought, and revolutionary concepts while connecting and contributing to society. Through new & social media and The Jungle Jenny Show, JJ is doing just that.

Her mission is to help protect tropical rain forests, preserve indigenous species, habitats & wildlife, protect critically endangered animals, provide education and be the voice that addresses threats to these conservation challenges.  

Her voice is to help humanity understand that WE ARE ALL INTERCONNECTED.

She believes that change starts with ordinary people (like herself) doing extraordinary meaningful work to make a difference.

JJ knows the dangers and opportunities being presented in the world at this time are crucial and this crisis is a symptom of a much larger problem; the current state of our consciousness.  This conscious condition is of global emergency and is our call to action.

Jungle Jenny is working to create a conscious transformational change by thinking globally and acting locally. Local Globalization is an opportunity to address the very root of the concern that is causing theses conservation challenges.